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3 tips for your shop to get noticed online

Here's what I got told at one big business seminar a few years ago:

Five years. I didn't want to believe this at the time, but sadly, it's true. I have myself been trying to reach out to older connections recently, only to find out that their website was down and their email address bounced back. 

If we want to survive in the online world nowadays, we don't have much choice but to put in the work until we get noticed. And once we do, we need to be able to work out a strategy, or automate our business so we stay on top of things. 

Sometimes I think I am just lucky that my business took off the way it did back in 2014, but deep down I know it wasn't just luck. I remember how much effort and work I put into it back then. Today I'd like to share 3 tips to help you also get your business noticed online.

#1. Spend more time creating what you like

When I graduated as a graphic designer, I attended an alumni conference. It was a bit daunting at first because most speakers were talking about how difficult it is to get a job considering the amount of designers out there looking for a job. But then, one guy started explaining how he built his whole career based on a side project. This was truly fascinating. Because he decided to go on a hunt to find what it is he would love to create, he specialised into a very specific set of skills and started making a collection of projects. And that's how he got noticed by brands and started his career. 

If you want to get noticed, it starts with YOU doing what YOU like. Put it on top of your priority list.


#2. Gather your tribe

The best way to keep motivated when we are on our own, is to keep the energy and inspiration flowing. I do that by going on IG and Pinterest, just for a little while, not too long, and I try to understand what it is I am attracted to. It's also a great way to connect with people who have the same taste and share the same interests. I remember growing my Instagram following by participating in weekly IG competitions each Fridays and Sundays. It was really a lot of fun, a good challenge and it was great to see what others would come up with as well! Remember, we are all humans behind our screens and social accounts.


#3. Find your true style, and stick to it

I know it probably sounds easier than it is! When I finally visually found my style, it resonated with who I truly was, so I sticked to it. It's better to do that anyway because you can only be yourself. Don't try to go sideways to please this brand enquiry or that customer request. It won't help your business grow. Consistency will. I had to turn down some opportunities to really allocate some time to my photography, and although it was a bit of a risk, within a couple of months some online platforms approached me for partnerships because they appreciated a consistency in style and a unique touch they had not seen before. One month I made almost $9,000 in sales on that platform, thanks to the risk I took 2 years before. Trust your gut.


I hope you found these tips helpful. I just launched an online class called Pretty Handmade where I teach how to take beautiful branded photos for your shop and business. I share my experience, the lessons I learnt along the way so you can get your business noticed much faster, without having to figure it all out on your own. As you may have guessed, success starts with the right approach and a positive mindset. You can check the course here. Just so you know, the price goes up after this Sunday!

August 09, 2018 by Lucie Carpentier


Veronique Godbout

Veronique Godbout said:

Lucie, as always, you are really inspiring. I like that you are so honest about your artistic path. It makes me reflect about my own creations and future as an artist. Thanks


Laura said:

Thank you Lucie for the tips!:) Common sense and oh so true! Be consistent and sticking to a plan has been a problem for me. After experimenting, spending alot of money and learning from my mistakes I’m starting to gain a new and strong focus. I just have to keep reminding myself – I can not do it all!! Find one thing you are good at and love to do…and stick to it!

Anne-Julie Aubry

Anne-Julie Aubry said:

Thank you for your tips, Lucie. I’ve tried myself to re-focus on some essentials lately about my Art, my online business and online communication lately. Years have passed, it’s been almost 12 years for me, but we all need to reinvent ourself, everytime, while staying our true self at the same time. Not easy, but exciting :)

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