Winter mood

As Christmas approaches, it is finally starting to get cold around here. We have been redecorating our home these last few days, and while I was at the DIY shop I got some new backdrops to paint.

I had been playing with the idea for a while, to try something a little darker, although somehow I need to get the click before I do something, and I had it (finally?) a few weeks ago. I have dark blue and light pink to play around with for now.

Here are a couple of shots taken with the dark blue wall:


Some of them were taken at the end of the day, so there is naturally more blue in there, a good reminder that if I use this background, morning and lunch time lights are best.


noel_bougiesHave you tried coloured backgrounds to shoot products on? Would love some comments on this!

And here is my Christmas colour palette, finally! I decided to move slightly from the white this year to experiment it in a different way, maybe through type or ornaments themeselves. No metallics for me, I’ve always been more of a string lights, twigs and dried flowers girl.


Until next time,