Sunbury Antiques Market

Tuesday morning, 29th March, 6am. It’s time to get up and go check out the so popular Sunbury Antiques Market!

I left at 7am and arrived at 8.30am (I am grateful I decided to get there during school holidays, as it ‘only’ took me an hour and a half to drive there. I am serious.). As expected, the parking looked full. I could see straight away some very busy (and I would imagine, professional) people leaving with bags, suitcases and baskets full of newly found treasures. I could feel a slight pinch in my stomach, oh, I forgot to have breakfast. Well, that will have to wait. Let’s go check this all out!

Just a little bit of info beforehand. The market is on every second Tuesday, and you can see a full detail of the place and dates here. It is located 15min drive SW from Richmond, just outside of London, so you will want to allow plenty of time to get there, and obviously depending on what you are after, it is probably better to get there by car, or even with a van.


So the parking is free, and in fact I didn’t struggle to find a space (we are off to a good start!). I got tempted straight away by the amazing amount of antique jewellery in the indoor area, but I decided to skip it. As an aspiring stylist and photographer, my main purpose (on top of natural excitement and curiosity!) is to find props for work and accessories to decorate my home.

My budget: £80. Let’s see how this goes.

I stepped outside and discovered a huge loooooong line of vans, on each side + some more aligned in the middle. I thought to myself, wrong idea to have arrived with no breakfast (and so little cash).

On the image above, I got inspired straight away by the wooden white table and all these colourful wooden chairs. We are moving to Portugal in 2 weeks and these would all fit so well in our patio! However, I am hoping I can find similar furniture once down south on the peninsula. So I took this photo for inspiration.


This market really has it all. From handmade to real antiques, to furniture, fabrics, objects, art, books and toys, there are treasures for everyone here.



It took me about 2 hours to walk around, and I spent about £50. I got 3 Observer books for a fiver, 2 really nice small chemist bottles for £20, and another 3 for £10, an enamel vintage milk bottle for £10 + a lovely prop book for £3.






In the middle of the market outside there is a stand for coffee and sandwiches, I’d recommend the cheese and tomato toastie!

I left very happy and inspired. If we had just moved into a new home, this would definitely be the perfect place to furnish it, along with a garden or patio. I know it might be a challenge to take a Tuesday off for some shopping, but if you are in London, it would be one thing not to miss out on.


As I now have 2 weeks left until I leave for Portugal, there is one more vintage fair I am planning to attend, on the 9th April. See you then!

Thank you for reading. Your comments are much appreciated.

Lucie x