So you’d like to go ahead and take photos yourself for your online shop, social media channels, website and blog but you’re not sure where to start?

I now offer a visual styling consulting service. We will have a look together at your brand, your personal story and how to achieve the image you really want to give.

When I started out myself, I got overwhelmed by so many things I liked and I didn’t really know what visual direction my business should take. So I spent a lot of time doing some research and taking online classes to develop the skill of styling and visual storytelling. It is really fun and will give you the added value of being unique and personal.

Prices start at US $180 for a 2 hour consulting session, and it includes:

  • Analysis of your brand and its current visual story through a questionnaire
  • Definition of your values and what you want to “look like” and what you want your clients to feel when they come across your site
  • Inspiration board to define your brand look and feel
  • Reference boards to come back to for photo styling and composition, and font pairing for quotes.

    These will be absolutely personalised to your brand and you should see the results within a few weeks.
    Please note this will not be a course on how to take photos, composition or technical help. I will give you my best advice on what would work for your brand images and what you should consider when sourcing props, backgrounds and your own equipment.
    This service is good for: artists and illustrators, stationery businesses, creatives in the wedding business, and fitness and nutrition industry. These are the sectors I know best!

You can get in touch by using the form below.

Thank you!