Home & Vintage Spring Brocante

I only have a few weeks left before I leave Portugal, and I am wondering whether I am going to sell my car on time. I love this little beast! So I am taking it to all places possible, and that means of course flea markets, fairs and brocantes!

Last Saturday I drove to Grayswood Village in Surrey, to the Home & Vintage Spring Brocante. Totally the sort of thing I’d love to go with my mum by the way, we went together to a couple of local brocantes in Biarritz last year, and it was really nice.


I thought I’b be ok getting there for 11am (half an hour after the opening).. well not so much. Parking slots were full and so was the house. I am still a beginner here, obviously. Nonetheless I did find nice props and things, I actually had to resist buying some furniture. For most of it, I am thinking of looking over there in Ericeira when I am settled. Although I am looking for a white wooden chair (I had spotted one I loved in Rye, it may be worth a little detour soon!)

The place was really packed so these are all the snaps I managed to catch in between shoulders.




The Ball Jar was purchased from Karen Lesley Vintage Interiors. Karen kindly specified that you can recognise around when the jar was made by looking at the Ball typeface, This one is from the 1920’s!

Some other items like the buttons and smaller jars are from Fabulous Vintage Finds.