Christmas Planning Part 3/4

Have you got some offer ideas or product ideas for Christmas yet? If you’re new to this series, start here. To see the latest post, click here.


I hope you’re busy planning the rest of the year, but in case you’re a bit stuck, here are 10 very simple ideas
for your business at Christmas. You might consider giving some as freebies depending on what type of industry you’re in, and if you have some ideas you’d also like to share, please send them through in the comments below!

Here we go:

  1. Christmas & New Year greeting cards. Depending on your country, the culture may vary a little. In France we tend to send Happy New Year cards, whereas in the UK it is more of a Merry Christmas thing. In the US? I have no idea! Anyway, these could be postcards, foldable cards, digital and printable etc. To be honest the amount of ideas is quite large here!
  2. Wrapping paper. This one is more for designers and illustrators. You’d need to have enough time to get it printed, but a simple series with a pattern and a few doodles could work really great!
  3. Gift tags. printable, personnalisable, and so on. The choice is endless and the opportunity could not be better!
  4. Personalised gifts. If you’re in the wedding business and sell prints, Christmas is a nice time to offer personalised prints or products. A good one to remember values, family connections and so on!
  5. A special Christmas package for service-based businesses. With a focus on a New Year challenges and planning theme. If you’re a coach for example, this is a service that you offer as a “limited edition”, available to purchase as a gift etc.
  6. An end of the year reflect and review workbook or ebook. I guess pretty much any business could offer something like this? If you’re in the wedding industry or illustration, let’s be a bit more specific. Why not focus on trends 2017 maybe?
  7. An Advent calendar. It can be digital, printable, email series, with promos and tips and so on to be revealed each day. I love this one!
  8. A mini e-course on goal setting and planning for the year ahead. It is quite close to the workbook and ebook on n.6, you could package these 2 up or twist it to better fit your offering.
  9. Christmas graphics, a clipart set, an illustration. Like n.1, this one is good for illustrators and designers.
  10. Digital art/Scrapbooking pieces. Why not create a little series on Christmas with some printable lettering, fun quotes and other digital assets for customers to download and journal their festive time?

Voilà, I hope you got one idea that will work for your business? Please share any ‘behind the scenes’ or ideas you may have in the comments section below!

Next week will be the last part of this series, with links to trendy fonts, graphic assets and tips to help you be on your way easily.

Have fun!